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Hey there, I love to play with technologies and create cool software and hardware things. I love OpenSource, you can visit my github profile to see OSS projects i've worked on. It's exciting to meet new people online and offline so don't forget to say Hi to me. 😊, I also blog on facebook , medium and github. I am looking forward for opportunities where my work makes a difference.

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I've built chatbots, web applications and a lot of stuff which I find really cool. I love OpenSource and you can find the open source projects I've contributed to, on my github profile. Take a look at projects page too. :). Most of my code is written in javascript. I use node.js for the backend programming.


My blogs exist on

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I see Medium as the main blogging platform for my needs in the future.
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I will be using Facebook notes for my blogging too but I intend to keep it as a more informal style of blogging. More like, addressed to my friend and followers while Medium is for the general public.

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I feel it when I like a tune, song or music, I just don't limit myself to a certain type of music, but over the past year I have caught myself listening to a lot of Electro, Rihanna, Katy Perry, my love Taylor Swift, Miley's Bangerz Album, and just a lot of what has been trending. I am the biggest fan of Justin Bieber! I've heard he's kinda popular in some rural areas of Pakistan too. So yeah, Pakistan Loves Justin Bieber. Here's one of Alan Walker's I and the world listened to like crazy.

I am based in Lahore, Pakistan